Software mirrored here:

This server runs Gentoo GNU/Linux. Files downloaded during installation are made available here:

The gentoo `minimal' and `livecd' boot CD images and the gentoo `stage' tarballs for initial manual installation.
The boot CDs are useful as a CD-bootable linux-based OS, even if not installing Gentoo. Note that the `livecd' ones, taking hundreds of megabytes, try booting a (small) GUI environment by default -- you may want to avoid this to save time.

A subset of Gentoo's tarballs is here.

There are here also some other bootable CD and DVD images, for installation or for live use (no change to the hard-disk).

For example, Knoppix ( is a single CD or DVD that boots an x86-based computer and provides excellent hardware identification and a lot of applications within the KDE desktop. Hard-disk partitions may be read or manipulated, but unless explicitly demanded nothing on the disk will be changed.

The (old -- 2004) STD (Security Tools Distribution -- see is a variation on the knoppix theme, with an emphasis on analysis/recovery tools that will be useful for restoration, data retrieval, and post-breakin analysis of systems of many different filesystems.

Others are conventional installation CDs or DVDs for Free Operating Systems, whose latest versions can be looked up at their easily found main websites, e.g. FreeBSD,   OpenSuSE,   Fedora,   Mandriva,   These and Others.